About us

We bring joy to your children by making their fantasies come true!

Show us your kid’s picture of a beloved fairy tale hero, a dog, a robot, a dragon or any other imaginary friend and we will make it into a real soft toy! Just imagine how your son or daughter will love their new friend — they’ve invented it! From our experience, these toys are instant favorites for the children who receive them.

The quality of the picture you send to us should not stop you —  we can make a beautiful toy from any drawing while preserving all the distinctive features from child’s imagination.

All toys under the Kids Fantasy brand are exceptionally safe and environmentally friendly. They are handmade  by an experienced craftsman individually for your child. Each toy is truly unique — your child will have the only one in the world!

We guarantee the quality of our work and will return your money if you are dissatisfied with it!

Contact us now and we will bring  your child’s fantasies to life!

Our contacts: [email protected]

+38 097 336 28 74

+38 067 435 93 82

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